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Do you have items to sell?

We bet there are couple of hundred dollars in valuables laying around your home.
5 Star Box will pick up and sell your items for you. All you do is get paid.

Listings on Craigslist, eBay and other websites
No need to meet strangers in shady places or letting them into your home
Professional listings and pictures
Do not worry about re-listing or shipping
Guaranteed payment for sold items

How it works?

Pick up

Schedule a pick up or drop off items at our location


We will list your items on site like Craiglist and will display them in our show room for buyers to view and purchase


We handle the interaction with the buyer including collecting payment and handing off the items

Get Paid

Once your item sells, we'll pay you in cash, check or Paypal

What can I sell

We will sell
Musical Instruments
New or like-new designer shoes and handbags
Antiques and collectibles
Sporting goods
Kitchen appliances
Automotive parts
We will NOT sell
Items in poor condition
Items that can't be verified or require a license or code
High-value items that require authentication


Sale Price You earn
$0-$200 60%
$201-700 70%
$701+ 80%
minimum sale price $50

Have more questions?

How does 5 Star Box work?

5 Star Box is a new and simple way to sell your things online. 5 Star Box sells your items on your behalf, and you get up to 80% of the sale price .
Submit an order or call us to see which items we will sell. To get your things to 5 Star Box:

1. Request a pick-up in the Boston area.
  Small under 25 lbs Large items over 25 lbs and furniture
Pick up fee $30 FREE $50 - $150
2. Drop-off

How safe is it to use 5 Star Box?

Our service is secure and guaranteed. You will receive a copy of receipt that will indicate items description, minimum sale price and duration of sale. Your items will be handled with care and will be securely stored at our facility.

What is the pick up range?

Currently we will only pick up in the Boston area, please call us to find out if you qualify for free pick-up. You can always drop-off items at our show room in Stoughton, MA.

How does 5 Star Box price items?

We will work with you to identify the best sale price for your order. With 5 Star Box you can set up a price schedule, for price decreases.

Can I track the sale of my items?

Once your items are listed, you will get a confirmation email with a link to the listings.

What if I want to make a change to a listed item?

You can contact our support to make the changes. Email us at contact@5starbox.com

When do I get paid?

You are paid in less than 2 days after an item is sold. Payments can be processed by check, cash or through PayPal.
Here's how it works:
• 5 Star Box receives your items
• 5 Star Box lists your items for sale within 2 business days.
• Your items are for sale for up to 4 weeks.
• After your item have sold, you're paid within 2 business days.
5 Star Box makes every effort to meet these timeframes, but some situations, like extreme weather or unexpected volume, may cause delays.

What happens if an item doesn't sell?

Unsold items are relisted at a lower price for up to 40% markdown, donated, picked-up or delivered back to you for a fee. If item is not re-listed, there is a storage fee of $2 for each day item is kept at our show room. 

Can I change my mind and cancel a listing?

You can cancel a listed item and it will be available for pick-up. Storage fees may apply. In case we already have a buyer or an item sold, we can not return your item or cancel the sale.

What condition should my items be in?

Your items must be in ready for sale condition and should work properly.

How is 5 Star Box going to sell my item?

Your items will be professionally photographed and listed on Craigslist, eBay and other online stores. We will handle selling, payment and shipping or hand-off of your items. A payment for sold items will be processed within 2 days.

What happens if an item is damaged in transit?

If your item is damaged, you'll need to file a claim with 5 Star Box. Be sure to keep your order receipt.

Can I sell my items myself, but keep them at 5 Star Box for display?

In this scenario we will apply storage fee for the duration of time we keep the items for you on sale.

* 5 Star Box reserves the right to reject any items that it deems invalid or not properly priced.

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